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10 Things to do on your trip to Croatia and Slovenia
28 Jul 2017

10 Things to do on your trip to Croatia and Slovenia

Rarely visited by Indians, this splendorous region is a wonderland of deep blue seas, Roman ruins, medieval towns, friendly locals, delectable cuisine and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Croatia and Slovenia are Europe’s such hidden gems, that once explored brings a traveler back again and again. And each time there is something that manages to steal your breath away.

We have listed down 10 such things which you ought to experience on your trip to Croatia and Slovenia:

1. Lake Bled:

A sight so beautiful you think it’s photoshopped. Lake Bled is hands down the most tranquil spot in whole of Slovenia. Row a boat to the little islet situated in the center of the lake and you’ll find a quaint little church and a small café to relax at. Get ready to work your arm muscles on the pletna boat ride here.

2. Cable Car Ride to Mount Vogel

Mount Vogel is a great place to ski when you’re in Slovenia during the winters. And rest of the times, you can take a myriad of hiking adventures. The cable car ride gives you views of Bohinj Lake and Triglav mountain which will be imprinted in your memories forever.

3. Postojna Caves

Postojna Caves is easily the most jaw-dropping experience you’ll have in Slovenia. An electronic train ride takes you through a series of caverns, halls, passages and galleries. It is also the birthplace of baby dragons! Yes dragons, cute little amphibians called Olms have made Postojna Caves their home.

4. Truffle hunt

The best way to experience the Croatian culture and its people is by participating in a Truffle Hunt. Generations of families have been hunting for truffles with their truffle hunting dogs. Search for truffles in the forest with these specially trained dogs and learn to prepare a scrumptious meal with truffle. Your host will even serve you local wine, cheese and truffle flavoured honey, pate and other truffle delicacies which you can also buy at the estate. Sounds like an experience of a lifetime, isn’t it?

5. Plitvice Lakes

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-visit when you travel to Croatia. Go walking along the beautiful crystal blue and turquoise lakes, cascading into tens of spectacular waterfalls. Clouds of butterflies’ drift over you as you walk the wooden footbridges and pathways that snake around the edges of rumbling waters.

6. Game of thrones walking tour in Split and Dubrovnik

While walking the streets of Split and Dubrovnik, you’ll come across many Game of Thrones shooting locations. Play a game of how many can you spot while you explore through the museums and palaces in both the cities. Maybe even enact a few scenes while you’re at it. Make sure you pay your debts to the Lannisters too.

7. Eli’s Cafe

Leaving the city of Zagreb without tasting the coffee at Eli’s Café could be considered a crime, especially if you’re a coffee lover. The owner of the café, Nik Orosi is known throughout the coffee world in the Balkan peninsula. Their house espresso is smooth, sweet, creamy and heavenly and something you should not miss. It is also one of the few cafe-bars that has remained 100% non-smoking, ensuring that you can actually taste and smell whatever it is you're drinking.

8. Museum of Broken relationships

This museum takes away the prize of being the Quirkiest one in the whole of Europe. You’ll find mementoes from around the world that remain after a relationship ends. From a Vinyl record that was played during a teenage breakup to a toaster from a 4-year old relationship, with captions that’ll either leave you heartbroken or make you laugh till you cry.

9. The Croats

You’ll have the best of times in Croatia only when you get to know the Croats. Ask them about their country and their culture and they’ll accept you with open arms. On the other hand, it’s better to stray away from conversations about politics and war. You give respect and you take respect.

10. A souvenir for a lifetime- Rakija

Rakija is a colorless, strong smelling alcoholic drink produced by distillation of fermented fruits. It is the national drink of many Slavic nations and is most popular in Croatia. If you feel like a daredevil, get hold of Rakija which contain close to 50-60% alcohol. As Rakija is usually taken before a meal to stimulate your appetite, pick up a set of small glasses to complete the souvenir for your friends and family back home.

Croatia is a country full of life, and every moment spend there shall be etched in your memory forever.

-Sneha Nair