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Bali: More than Just beaches
06 Jun 2017

Bali: More than Just beaches

Just like other beach destinations, Bali has a lot to offer its visitors, from shopping, spas, beaches, amazing nightlife, but over and above all this, there are some unique things which one can explore only in Bali.

When listing down a destination that is versatile and unique at the same time, Bali surely is one great pick and a bonus is the budget travel and accommodation, which makes it all the more attractive for-all-travel-reasons kind of destination.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung or Gunung Agung is a volcano in Bali, Indonesia. This stratovolcano is the highest point on the island. It dominates the surrounding area, influencing the climate. It paints a perfect picture of antithesis.  Generally, the clouds blow from the west side and Mount Agung covers their water so that the west is lush and green while the east dry and barren.

While the Bali’s coast is best known for its incredible surf beaches, it also has a reputation as a unique and varied dive destination. But, if you’re not keen on slugging a tank on your back and learning to SCUBA, Bali’s underwater world has plenty to offer those who prefer the less technical sport of snorkeling, from beginners to the keenest enthusiasts.

Bali’s popular beaches Kuta and Uluwatu are a must visit for die hard surfers. There are surf camps for beginners too, and with little surfing lessons, you are ready to roll.

Bali has some beautiful waterfalls worth exploring like Gitgit, Singsing and Munduk. Singsing and Munduk are worth the hike for their serene routes. Adventure lovers can opt for cannoning at Gitgit Waterfalls.

The hot water being spewed by Dragon Statues at Banjar Hot Springs will relax every aching muscle in your body and calm you in no time, especially after your adventure filled trips in Bali.


Seminyak is the hub of luxury hotels and villas, nightlife, local boutique designer shops, miles of beach, and easy access from the airport.

Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay is the place where Romance is once again lit up. It is close to twenty min drive from Seminyak. They do share coasts, but the beaches are clearer, cleaner in Jimbaran Bay. What is more interesting is that the Jimbaran Bay can boast of brilliant Seafood. A perfect place to pamper your loved one.


Ubud is the heart of Bali—it’s everything you imagined the exotic island to be. It’s always been known to inspire artists, writers, hippies, and spiritual seekers. Cultural centers, retreats, and ancient temples abound.

Bali has all of these and so much more for all kinds of travelers. From scenic beaches to volcanic mountains, from exclusive boutique hotels to traditional homestays, from michelin star restaurants to authentic local street food, Bali has everything you can ask for in an island holiday. 

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