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Bring On Vacation Time! 3 Adventurous Getaways With Kids
25 Apr 2017

Bring On Vacation Time! 3 Adventurous Getaways With Kids

It seems that we are living in a generation where Kids are born with the idea of using Technology more than the idea of going out and playing. Just take a look around and you will see kids as young as 3 or even younger holding their mom or dad’s phone to play games or view videos or even check messages in Whatsapp. When it comes to technology, kids are not only starting to use it at a younger age but are using it in more varied situations, both at home and at school.

Children and nature go hand in hand, or at least it should. Research has shown how important it is to introduce children to nature especially in the early years. Children today, especially our inner-city children have a very limited opportunity to connect with nature. How can we teach our children the importance of our environment if they have a disconnect with nature?

Well, go on an adventure, explore the wild, roam the cities or just chill at a beach. Unleash the traveler’s soul in your kid. Here’s 3 of the best destinations you can have the wildest of experiences at.


The most obvious question would be why Tanzania of all places? Tanzania is home to close to 120,000 elephants, 160,000 buffaloes, and about 2,000 rhinos and boasts of a rich heritage of wildlife and a perfect summer holiday spot for a family trip. Mount Kilimanjaro with its three volcanic cones – Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira – is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. The mountain is a major attraction for hikers and travelers as well.

This can be the perfect way to get over the addiction of technology and teach kids about lovely beaches which are in Tanzania. It is famous for its outdoor adventures and glorious white sand beaches.



Today, technology for kids is a source of learning and entertainment, and in a pinch when parents have to get dinner made or take a few minutes to answer emails, a terrific babysitter. The best form of education what we can give to kids is learning different cultures and Malaysia offers a perfect blend of it.

What makes Malaysia so fascinating is its diversity. In the same country, you can explore thriving, modern cities, explore colonial architecture, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet and hike through lush green jungles.  It's one of the perfect destinations for a family vacation. One of the most sought after reasons to go to Malaysia is the water sports activity. Diving in Sipadan’s protected waters is limited to just a set number of people each day, and it provides the chance to see things like turtles, barracudas, sharks and parrotfish. If you can’t make it to Sipadan, islands like Redang and Tioman are also excellent, although their diving seasons are more limited.


Probably one of the friendliest country to travel in the world would be Kenya as you would hear the word “Jambo” all around you. Wild safari is once in a lifetime experience for anybody and for kids this can act as a perfect tutor and mentor in important life lessons. Some camps have taken things up a notch by offering ‘adventure clubs’ where children can be left to really have fun. In these clubs, children are also taught some basic lessons of the wild, from conservation techniques to how to respect nature and their environment. Called as the safari capital of the world, Nairobi National park boasts of some rare species and nothing better than watching a lion out of the cage.

It can be all too easy to simply turn on the TV or let them play a video game when your kids say they are bored but to go out and appreciate nature would probably be the best gift what you can give them at such a young age.

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