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Cultural Festivals Around The World
06 Mar 2018

Cultural Festivals Around The World

Blending into the cultural vibe of the place you visit is the right way to explore it. So why not plan a holiday to witness some  of the most unique and fabulous celebrations from all around the world. Below is the list of a few such events which you can accodomodate in your next holiday to make it a complete one. Travel the right way!

Snowbombing: Snowbombing is a beautiful festival set in the idyllic alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria. Groove to electronic tunes by some of the best DJ's. Follow this up with doning ski gear and a fake moustache to sync with the fancy crowd for the Ride N Seek event - a snowboard competition like no other.
When: 5th - 9th April
Where:Mayrhofen, Austria

Songkran: Head out today to experience a different version of 'Holi' while you celebrate Songkran in Thailand. Get ready to be splashed with water while taking a stroll on the streets by everyone from shop owners to people in tuk tuks to friends and family! And as you join in the madness, you get to interact in a fun way with fellow travellers from across the globe too.
When: 13th - 15th April
Where:Chaing Mai & Bangkok, Thailand

Cannes Film Festival: If you are a cinema buff and are holidaying in France, you wouldn't want to miss out on the Cannes Flim festival, one of the leading film festivals around the world. Apart from experiencing some of the worl'd best cinema, you can have a wonderful time celeb-spotting too!
When: 8th - 19th May
Where: Cannes, France

San Vino Wine Fight: Wine Battle or Batalla de Vino is Europe's most unique and underrated annual festivals. On your holiday to Spain, head out to Haro, a small village where thousands of relevers gather on a hill to wage war on each other using red wine as their weapon! The actual party begins a night before the battle where you stay up all night drinking and dancing in the streets, and later wake up to the wine fight post sunrise.
When: 27th - 30th June
Where: Haro, Spain

Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland is on a bucketlist of almost every music lover as it is the ultimate EDM festival held every year in Belgium. Glam up for the biggest psychedelic party in the outdoors; dissolve in the trance and beat-drop dance! You sure will be hooked to this festival.
When: 20th - 29th July
Where: Boom, Belgium

Octoberfest: Germany is a haven for beer lovers and the Oktoberfest is the craziest beer festival in the world. Head out to spend your day in the beer gardens sampling some of Germany's best beers and the crazy fun that follows. At the Oktoberfest you get to join the most beerlicious experience of your life!
When: 22nd September - 7th October
Where: Munich, Germany

La Tomatina: Grab some tomatoes and get set for a messy fight as you see Buñol drench in layers of red. La Tomatina will not only leave your clothes blushing, but also your face red as you have a jolly tomato-fight with some of the coolest people. This has to be one of the coolest ways to make holiday memories.
When: 29th August
Where: Bunol, Spain

Dragon Boat Festival: Head to one of the most happening carnivals that is the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong. The festival is not only a race but also a massive party on the Victoria waterfront. Enjoy the race with clowns, entertainers, marching bands, lion dances, set in the backdrop of the beautiful Hong Kong skyline.
When:18th June
Where: Hong Kong

Rainforest World Music Festival: Sometimes all you need to be is amidst nature with some music. That's exactly what you get to do at the Rainforest World Music festival in Malaysia's Borneo. Unwind to the music or get immersed at the workshops and enjoy the late evening performances - all in the midst of the Borneo Jungle. Do not miss this one!
When: 13th - 15th July
Where: Borneo, Malaysia

Battle of Flowers: This has to be the perfect excuse to discover Cordoba at its festive best! The battle features several carts and wagons full of women dressed elegantly in traditional flamenco dresses as they throw petals on the spectators. You get to watch as the whole of Spain comes to life!
When: 9th - 10th August
Where: Cordoba, Spain

Comic con: If the mere mention of DC or Marvel excites you, you gotta check out Comic Con on your trip to London. Being the largest Pop-culture convention, you get to meet special characters from your favourite comics, experience a number of games, browse through stalls or participate in contests dressed as your favourite cartoon character. A chance to explore London in such an exquisite way shouldn’t be missed!
When: 19th - 22nd July
Where: London, UK

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