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HiVayKing Club Self Drive Across Sri Lanka
09 Jan 2017

HiVayKing Club Self Drive Across Sri Lanka

The HiVayKing Club held its 2016 Annual Meet in Sri Lanka in the end of December. For the first time in 5 years, the 25,000 member community (the largest online HiVay motoring club in India) moved away from doing everything in-house and decided to engage the services of a travel company. We wanted a company that could incorporate a unique experience to Sri Lanka as well as take care of all the logistical requirements for a large group like us smoothly. That’s when we asked Trail Boutique to help organise the trip for us.

We had so many magical experiences on this self drive. Here are a few that have made their mark in our memories forever! 

- A drive through the beautiful south coast - Galle, Tangalle, Hambantota with smooth as silk roads - no bumps or traffic
- Savouring spicy curries, sea food and Sambol
- A lucky whale sighting at Mirissa followed by a lovely ride from the shore almost 1.5 hours along the ocean
- Drive from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy through a non-touristy route- narrow, steep, winding roads, beautiful tea plantations on the way, fog and green cover all through
- Sunset at Nuwara with varied colours of the sky; looked like it was straight out of a canvas

Trail Boutique helped with the route planning, hiring of self-drive cars, selection & booking of hotels & other tour arrangements, including guidance on all aspects of the Meet. Their local partner deployed their full team on the field to organise the Drive Meet and Trail Boutique representatives also accompanied the HiVayKing contingent all the way from India too!

Organising a conventional overseas tour is not difficult, but putting together & executing a Self-Drive Tour is a gargantuan task. Trail Boutique managed to assemble 25 Self-Drive cars for the HiVayKing Club during the busiest tourist season of the year when most taxi operators had expressed their regrets, helped our team conduct the route surveys and provided us total technical & logistical support during the drive to total satisfaction of the HiVayKings. I must commend them for venturing into organising a Self-drive tour, which most other tour operators do not understand and their positive approach to resolving various planning issues ensured that everything went off smoothly. This is indeed an exciting travel opportunity and Trail Boutique has a head start over the competition with their all-round capabilities, networking and total understanding of client requirements.

With such impeccable organisation skill and arrangements, the Annual Meet was a stupendous success. The 54-member delegation from all over India drove cars on an exquisite least-travelled circuit in South & Central Sri Lanka, savouring heritage sites, beaches, sea activities, wildlife watching & the hill country. The stay was arranged in top-class hotels and the food was superb. 

I must profusely thank the Trail Boutique team led by Ms Poonam Karnik and their local partners in Sri Lanka for the tremendous support that they provided us during the HiVayKing Meet in Sri Lanka in December 2016.  Yes, we will definitely engage their services again for our forthcoming meets elsewhere in India & abroad, and they are already supporting our members who are on similar trips to Sri Lanka.

- H V Kumar, The HVK HiVayKing Club