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India’s First Gamified Travel Portal
16 Jan 2017

India’s First Gamified Travel Portal

As passionate travellers, we have forever been overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and the lack of surety about experiences. If only there was a way you could filter out all the noise, and pick and choose just what you want to do on each day of your holiday? With changing landscapes in the travel circuit, there is a need to appease the new traveler's needs. Ah there you go – that’s Trail Boutique for You.

You can plug and play precisely what activities you want to do throughout the day. After arriving in Paris for example, you can opt out of a preset sightseeing trail in the afternoon and replace it with a perfume workshop. Keep adding all the activities you want to do during your trip in the morning, afternoon, evening or night – thus making an itinerary unique to you.

There sure is a thrill of creating your own holiday instead of opting for a pre-determined daily itinerary. We love that about our holidays and want everyone to be able to craft their own too. At Trail Boutique you get to choose from our handcrafted holidays and then add unique flavours to it as per your passions and interests. And we take care of the rest of the logistics – from tickets, visas, transfers and more.  

With over 3000 activities and more than 500 destinations, at Trail Boutique you and your travel companions get to play around with your holiday ideas; throw in a mix of wine trails, workshops, surfing one day followed by spending a lazy day at a café followed by a romantic sunset cruise. So you get more than just sightseeing, you can either do something or be a part of something unique in that destination.This interactive ability takes away the stress from creating an itinerary and makes it a fun activity that you can enjoy with your fellow travel companions. How easy and hassle-free it can get to experience a destination in your unique style! 

Log in to our website and see how the customisation tools work. Join us in creating your first ever experiential holiday, we can’t wait to get you going!