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Ladakh: The Land of Contrasts
22 May 2017

Ladakh: The Land of Contrasts

To witness the undisputed beauty, Ladakh is the most sought after travel destination. Travelers, in huge numbers, from all across the globe, flock to Ladakh to enjoy the natural setting of the so called ‘cold desert’.  Ladakh is an ex-Buddhist kingdom, one which is safely protected in arid mountains, prayer flags share their spiritual messages with the mountain breeze.

We spend so much time being addicted to technology and gadgets that we forget to really connect with human beings and sometimes even ourselves. Ladakh’s natural beauty consists of  its lakes, national parks, monasteries, and valleys Ladakh doesn’t crave for attention but people who visit Ladakh are primarily those who crave peace of mind which Ladakh offers in abundance. If you think Ladakh is just a place where you can click good pictures for your social media or watch those cold deserts then you need to look a little beyond that.


Ladakh is a paradise for people who love trekking and climbing tall mountains. Adventurers flock to Ladakh from all parts of the world and add this destination as one in their bucket list. Some of the popular base camps are located at the foot of the Nubra Valley and the Ladakh Range. The trekkers also explore the lofty Karakoram Range also known as black gravel. Some of the popular trekking destinations are the Markha Valley, the Shayok Valley, Stok-Khangri and Lamayuru in the Indus Valley.


If you love sports which give you adrenaline rush then Ladakh is the perfect destination to be in. There are various white water rafting packages available out there and you can enjoy rafting through the amazing landscapes. Along with this adventure, you could also enjoy watching different monasteries, monks and some really rare wildlife. River Zanskar is one popular destination which many adventurers travel to.

Monastery in Ladakh:

Ladakh is not just a sports or adventure oriented place but has deep and profound religious beliefs and religious aura about it. The place is famous for various monasteries and Stupas. Some of the popular and worth visiting are Thikse Monastery, Hemis Monastery and Spituk Monastery. Along with various Buddhist shrines there are Hindu and Muslim religious places too and Ladakh truly defines cosmopolitan heritage in an exquisite way.

Religious Festivals:

Ladakh is also a land famous for fairs and festivities. Winter is the best time to visit Ladakh and it invites tourists to become the part of colourful Ladakh. Locals dance and sing in groups. The winter festival is famously held at Thikse, Chemrey, Spituk, and Matho are popular and worth attending.   


There are quite a few lakes in Ladakh, but the one that attracts tourists from far flung regions is Pangong Lake. Pangong Tso is the actual name and in Tibetan it means "high grassland lake". Approximately 60% of the length of the lake lies in China. The lake is 5 km (3.1 mi) wide at its broadest point. All together it covers 604 km2.


Food is not very fussy in Ladakh and it is simple, yet delicious. The local cafes specialise in serving momos that are cooked with adequate spices and served with warm and spicy soups. If you happen to make friends with any local family then they serve a cup of yak-butter tea with them. A lot can happen over tea. 

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