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Trail Boutique - How It Works
23 Jan 2017

Trail Boutique - How It Works

You are about to experience quite a different way to plan your holiday.

Step 1
Via Destination: Pick a destination on your wish list. Select your dream destination from the list of countries. For example, you want to head out for that active holiday in South Africa? Go ahead and pick from the list.
Via Experience: You want to try out a specific experience – a drinking holiday perhaps? Yeah, you read that right! From self-drive holidays, drinking holidays to wildlife safaris or family holidays, we have curated a collection of experiences for you to choose.
Step 2
Once you select an experience, choose upto 4 activities from over 30 options, including Scuba, hot air ballooning, market trail, performances and more.
Step 3
You will see a list of recommended itineraries as per your selection. From here you can pick the itinerary you like or make your own. Here’s where the fun of plug and play begins!
Step 4
Once you are done choosing your favourite activities for all the days of your holiday, choose the dates you want to travel and hit the request Itinerary button to receive it in your inbox.
Step 5
Share it with your travel companions and give us the go ahead to put all your ticketing, visa and other logistics rolling. You are now set to pack your bags and head out for that dream holiday!