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Your Holiday Your Way
02 Jan 2017

Your Holiday Your Way

It’s that time of year - heading out for a holiday feels like just the thing to do. With a nip in the air, festivals and concerts everywhere, it is just the right time to head out, to explore a new destination and make new memories.

So where would you like to go this time around? They say, the best of sights and experiences are right here in our back yard. So how about heading to our neighbouring countries this holiday season? From the backwaters of Sri Lanka to meeting komodo dragons in Indonesia, from the emerald landscapes of Chiang Mai to the sweet, ever colourful Malaysia – with Trail Boutique you can create a unique itinerary in a jiffy.

But you want to specifically head out with your kids you say? So how about a kiddo-theme-park holiday? We are hearing exciting things about the newly launched Dubai Parks and Resorts with Hollywood, Bollywood and Legoland Zones – it sure will be quite a treat for kids and adults alike. With crisp weather and a huge variety of indoor and outdoor activities; you can look at heading to Dubai and its neighbouring countries Oman and Abu Dhabi too. In fact, you can choose to plug and play a theme park vacation with all the activities that you and your family absolutely enjoy doing. So if you are a foodie and your wife wants to try off-roading – you can head out for a desert safari in the morning and end the day with a lip-smacking culinary experience! This way both of you get what you want on your holiday and the kids have the time of their life in the many theme parks you will visit!

Talking about the variety of experiences, on a holiday it is amazing when you get to experience more unique things about the place. Sightseeing is nice, but how about some more? As a wine connoisseur, you might want more than just a tasting session at a wine yard in New Zealand? We understand that need and have curated a collection of Drinking Holidays! You heard that right, a handcrafted collection of holidays designed for wine, whiskey and beer trails. These encompass visits to distilleries, breweries and wine yards where you get to sample the drinks, go for culinary tasting sessions, workshops, cycling around the wine yard and more. You can not only sample the flavours, but also stay back and immerse yourself in the overall experience.

Isn’t that a brilliant way to spend the holiday season? Cycling reminds us about how cool it is to head out on an active trail while on a vacation. In our active trails experiences, you will see that there is everything under the sun for you to head outdoors – from simple walking trails soaking up the sun in Bali, to 3-4 day-long hikes around the Blackforest, from paragliding over the Aegean coast to gliding across the golden temple tops in Myanmar on a hot air balloon. You can explore the city of Paris on a bicycle trail or zip across the tree tops on a ziplining experience in Chiang Mai. And that’s just some of the over 3000 activities you can choose from as per your passions and interests.

A trip where you get to plan your day your way, savour food the way you like it, enjoy the activities you have always wanted to try and make lasting memories – ah that’s what this holiday season should be all about! Trail Boutique helps you get that with just a few clicks – you can choose to make your holiday your way.