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Find Your Holiday

How do I choose the right holiday idea for me?

You can choose a holiday idea either by selecting a destination or selecting an experience.

How can I customise a holiday idea?

Trail Boutique gives you options to customise an itinerary on the basis the three differentiators:

  • Profiling the holiday via visual cues
  • Itineraries created and graded on the basis of activities
  • Ability to customise travel plan basis variety of experiences

How many activities can I select?

At a time you can select 4 activities

Can I make changes to my selected itinerary?

Yes you can. Simply head over to your account and edit your itineraries.

How many holidays can I make at a time?

At a time you can make 3 holidays on your Trail Boutique account.


How do I choose my stay?

We will help you choose the stay that works best for you.

How can I arrange transfers?

We will organise all transfers for you during your holiday.

How do I arrange visas?

We can assist you with arranging for necessary visas for your vacation

How do I arrange for forex?

We can recommend reliable forex partners to you should you need any assistance in this regard.

How many days prior can I book my holiday?

You can book your holiday 10 days prior to your date of departure provided you have all other necessary documentation in place like passports, visas, travel insurance, etc.

Do I need travel insurance?

For a hassle free holiday, we recommend you get with travel insurance before you fly. If you require we can assist you with our preferred insurance providers.


How will I receive my booking vouchers?

You will receive all your holiday documents online. In case you prefer to receive this in any other mode, do let us know and we will process the same.

How do I pay for my holiday?

You can pay for your holiday through our online payment gateway.

How will I find the cost of my holiday?

Once you freeze your itinerary the overall cost of your holiday will be emailed across to you.

While on holiday

What if there are flight cancellations/ delays?

Team Trail Boutique will try our best to help you with a hassle free holiday. In case of last minute delays and cancellations, we will try our best to connect you with the next available connections.

What if there is a change in itinerary?

Changes in the itinerary can be made a week prior to departure, you can coordinate with Team Trail Boutique to take you through any iterations you may need.

In case of emergency, where do I get in touch with Team Trail Boutique?

You can get in touch with us at anytime from anywhere at the numbers provided.